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    2012 AFL Draft Preview


    Every AFL coach, recruiter, spectator and the media knew the 2012 draft was going to one of the best of all time and some clubs took an interesting approach to trade for compo picks last year and hold on to them for this very draft. There are already plenty of underage kids dominating the u18 championships against the bigger bodies which just shows how strong the draft might be, the draft also won’t be dominated by GC and GWS picks so every club has a chance to grab a few very talented kids. With GWS entering next year the AFL has given them a very interesting rule which can change the recruiters’ views on this year’s pool. They are allowed to trade any four 17 year olds who were born between the January to April window to any club of their choice – assuming the kid agrees to terms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see clubs trading big to have those kids on their lists. Giving up their first rounder + a top 20 player in their team is a much imo for them to have any chance in obtaining a 17 year old.

    Father/son picks.

    Jack Viney (Melb) – The complete player. He’s extremely hard to tackle, fast, skilful and his attack on the ball is first class. He links up well and always seems to be in the right place while at the same time he’s contestant work is just as good. Racking up clearances is another highlight of his game. He’ll fit in nicely with Melbourne’s young midfield.

    Lachie Hunter (WB) – Hunter is a great decision marker, has a good footy brain, decent agility and a solid defensive player. His kicking can let him down at times.

    Will Beasley (WB) – Will is a good leading type forward who can also take a big pack mark. Under a good development program at the moment so hopefully we see more of him next year.

    Joe Daniher (Ess) – A monster. I don’t know what he’s drinking but i want some. 197cms as a 16 year old and he continues to grow! He’s a KPF/ruckman who is an elite marker and a pretty good kick at goal and kick in general. He has dominated most opponents he has played against mainly because he’s 10cms taller than they are. On top of that his leadership on and off the field is first class. Essendon have been crying out for a strong forward since Llyod and Lucas retired and Joe could be the perfect replacement along with Hurley.

    Players to watch out for.


    Ben Kennedy – One of those players that GWS can trade and no doubt the SA clubs will be after him. He’s an extremely talented small forward who reads the play well, very smart, fast and knows where the goals are.

    Sam Mayes – A medium forward who is very hard to match up on. He’s very fast off the lead and always ends up a good meter away from his opponent, a strong marker for his height and usually a good kick at goal.

    Emmanuel Irra – Massive amount of X factor in this kid. He has the tools to make it in the big time, always managed to avoid his targets using a quick side step which gives his that extra second and has a massive kick on him.

    Brodie Grundy – A really promising project player. He’s a ruckman with really good tap work skills and moves well around the ground, basically acts as another midfield. He’s athletic, has good awareness and a good mark.


    Shannon Taylor – A highlights package player. He got moved to HFF with great effect, using his elite kicking and goal kicking skills to his advantage. The main features of his game are his acceleration off the ball and his speed while carrying the ball.

    Jaeger O’meara – Another player that GWS can trade, i’ll be surprised if he isn’t at a WA club by the end of the year. He’s an outside midfielder who can win his own ball, very team orientated player, smart, fast, fantastic decision maker. He’s actually averaging more disposals than Coniglio despite been a year younger.

    Christopher Yarran – A really creative forward/midfielder who has many tools in his game and is very hard to match up on. He can play as a quick leading forward or as a smart crumbing forward.

    Dayle Garlett –A line breaking midfielder who is an amazingly fast left footer whose disposal is as damaging as anyone in next year’s draft, he rarely missed a target by foot.

    Vic Metro.

    Nick Vlastuin – Nick possess great leadership skills and can lift a team when they’re down. His contestant ball winning ability is elite and that’s what separates him with the other players, he’s one of the most consistent players you’ll see and his skills are above elite!

    Rory Atkins – This kid has massive potential. He has a “see ball, get ball” type of attitude to his game which makes him get to watch. His skills are neat and does love to kick a goal.

    Matthew Haynes – Haynes is a very promising tall running flank player. He can easily break the lines with his impressive take off speed and his skills are also extremely impressive. His awareness is also very useful considering the type of player he says.

    Vic Country.

    Lachie Whitfield – Probably the number pick in the draft which is a massive wrap for him considering what he’s up against. He’s very competitive, clam and composed when he plays footy. His skills are amazing; his leap will be one of the best in his pool and he’s extremely quick.

    Jake Stringer – Jake was set for a massive year before he broke his leg. He has the ability to play anywhere and have instant impact. He has a great vertical leap, strong mark, great kick, a very composed player.

    Brad Crouch – Amazing player but not much hype compared to the other kids who can be taken in the “mini” draft. Great inside midfielder but his outside work is just as good. Skills are perfect, run and carry is also first class, speed is also above average. He supports North irrc so expect them to have a small crack at him.


    Jesse Lonergan – He’s an inside midfielder who gets better each week. Racks up the clearances and his skills are quite good, he’s a confidence type of player so if he’s on you can expect a very solid performance if not…


    Brian Coleman- Broome – Talented/project player. He’s a creative defender who usually uses the ball to his teams advantage, can jump and is lighting quick.


    Jed Anderson – The complete player. He’s a goal kicking midfielder who is an inside mid but equally good as an outside one. He’s very balanced, competitive, smart, provides great leadership while at the same time his skills are above average.
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