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  4. Should The Toast go back to the WAFL for a few years
  5. Who should sponsor the Demons now?
  6. Are Lol Toast having a worse year than the Melbourne Football Club
  7. Is this the best spray of all time?
  8. Collingwood's mature aged recruits have pushed them further back
  9. West Cost fans butthurt, the best butthurt
  10. Ash McGrath can get fucked
  11. Campbell Brown tests positive
  12. So this is how it feels to be a shitmond fan
  13. When messendon were handing out anti obesity drugs ...
  14. The pea-heart squib best 22
  15. Songs for the AFL
  16. Prop Bet Thread: 2013 AFL Season
  17. Robert Murphy
  18. Adelaide Enrons
  19. West Coast - Officially the Hardest Team in the comp
  20. MrZregory is out to pwn you!!!!!
  21. players vs posters
  22. hawks pls
  23. What happens if Malthouse delivers Carlton a Premiership before Buckley does at Coll?
  24. Players on the Richmond list who have won more finals than Mitch Morton
  25. AFL Finals Predictor 2012
  26. Is anyone afraid of Carlton in September
  27. Hawthorn Should Have Traded Buddy to GC/GWS
  28. CarltonFC - The Road to Greatness
  29. The All-Australian Team of Shitness
  31. The many faces of Mick Barlow
  32. Meanwhile at North
  33. Inside 50
  34. Post a picture of Michael Hurley
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  38. The Official AFL Meme Voting Thread!
  39. Clarkson should drop Paul Duckiopoulo
  40. The Crowvertiser
  41. I came to wreck everything, and ruin your life. God sent me
  42. Showdown shitfight thread
  43. AFL Memes & TIA Present: The Search for the Best AFL Meme!
  44. AFL Meme Competition Discussion Thread
  45. we r famous
  46. Keep calm posters
  47. The 25th best player in the AFL & the worlds best competitor
  48. Things harder to beat than Melbourne
  49. Chris '3 Votes' Judd
  50. Squib-off 2012
  51. Hawthorn rumour
  52. Nic Naitanui signs for Miami Heat
  53. Kepler Watch 2012
  54. Life after football
  55. The "I'll laugh at GWS when.." thread
  56. Dead board is dead
  57. Quade Cooper to the AFL
  58. Andrew Swallow wants to come home to West Coast
  59. Dayne Beams rumour
  60. Do the Cats owe the Eagles for the GF win?
  61. Freo back to the good old days
  62. The official chris 'Fuckhead' judd hate week
  63. Anyone gonna mention Angus Graham?
  64. Is there a more overrated young player than Luke Shuey?
  65. ninth Melbourne .
  66. Judd has been shit in our losing sides this year
  67. We're better off without Kreuzer
  68. We have lost the Judd trade
  69. I AM...
  70. Junior Best and Fairest
  71. Who overrates their young talent more?
  72. Essendon
  73. Harry O'Highball again...
  74. LOL Sam Mitchell to GWS! LOL
  75. Ricky Petterd
  76. Which body part will Nick Dal Santo get cosmetic surgery on next?
  77. Sticks and stones .....
  78. So Sad!
  79. Feminists mad about lingerie footy match
  80. Is Robbie Warnock an inspiration?
  81. Umpires wrong: Gieschen
  82. Rumblah and TorresIsNotGod's bitch thread
  83. Why NRl is king
  84. When will Fold Coast produce a sporting team that people give a shit about?
  85. Voss to sign a new contract lol fucking LOL
  86. Port Adelaide vs the Bye
  87. Eddie Betts
  88. 2 reasons why Gold Coast Garry is better then his dad.
  89. What's wrong with this sentence?
  90. Is there a more selfish captain then Jonathon Brown?
  91. Rabble football club seeks successful executive type to commit career suicide.
  92. How good would a Gold Coast win be this week against Richmond
  93. Guy McKenna - Clueless as fuck
  94. Does anyone actually like Carlton?
  95. Official TIA Port Power vs Camry Crows thread
  96. Channel 10 decides not to show AFL games from next season
  97. Port lose another leader
  98. Pies will win the premiership
  99. The Problem with the Dockers
  100. Nathan Bassett: Greatest Man Alive
  101. Jim Stynes walks into a bar.... (warning not in good taste)
  102. Yo Drudi
  103. Should Melbourne even turn up to the QB match?
  104. Oh Kim
  105. I am the best looking poster on this forum
  106. I have decided to change teams
  107. The Official Brett Deledio Appreciation Thread.
  108. The Official Nathan Fyfe lovefest thread.
  109. Ugliest player in the AFL
  110. Things Jack Watts has dominated (Aside from his life partner Kev)
  111. For sale: Port Adelaide FC.
  112. RIP Dion Woods
  113. Gold Coast Suns will beat Norf
  114. Things tougher than Stephen Hill
  115. St Kilda: Time to start tanking?
  116. Footballer sent off for 'dangerous haircut'
  117. Things more talented than Raph Clarke
  118. Reps inside
  119. AFL look-alikes
  120. Gold Coast Suns ahead of St Kilda
  121. Guy McKenna gets schooled.
  122. Has anyone noticed how awkward Adam Mchpee is during fights?
  123. Simon Black what a whiny bitch
  124. Things with better finishing power than the bulldogs
  125. Where art thou Alan Didak?
  126. yo pezz
  127. daniel motlop just got punched by a spectator!
  128. What makes you people think Hawthorn are good?
  129. Gold Coast Suns will beat the Bears
  130. Things more accurate than the Demons
  131. Time for a Dees Rebuild?
  132. Your BF name?
  133. The Prodigal Son Returns- The Kepler Bradley Story
  134. Norf V Poort or 119 & 3 battle of the Folders
  135. Spoonwatch 2011
  136. Are Port gonna fold?
  137. The Footy Comic Thread
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  139. Port are shit
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